Strategies for small businesses to hire on LinkedIn.
Mar 29th, 2022

Strategies for small businesses to hire on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. With limited time and resources, small businesses need to be as efficient as possible during the recruiting process. They are competing for the same top talent with established companies that have larger budgets. Small businesses therefore need to be intentional and tactful in their talent search.

So what are some of the best practices, and strategies for small businesses to find, attract, and hire skilled talent through LinkedIn?

Create a LinkedIn Company page

As a company, it only makes sense to maintain a presence on the largest professional network the world over. It is absolutely free to create a company page on LinkedIn. On your Company Page is where you share a high-level description of what makes your business different, officially connect your business to existing employees, share updates on behalf of the company, and attract followers who’ll see your updates in their feed. This is also where your job postings will show.

Ensure employees list you as their current employer on LinkedIn

This is a simple strategy to gain visibility for your company page. Your employees probably already have LinkedIn profiles with a following. Having them list your company as a current employer will definitely drive traffic to your page from their curious audience.

Encourage your employees to share postings from the company page

Leverage your employee’s network to reach a broader audience. Ask your employees to share your posts on their personal profiles. This will bring about a huge multiplier effect; pushing your posts to a more relevant target audience.


The surest way to reach your potential prospect in this fast-paced digital world is through advertising. Advertise on LinkedIn so that your job posting can go through intelligent targeting. This is when LinkedIn shows your job to the most relevant candidates.


As a small business, you also want to be sure that you’re getting the most out of your recruiting budget. Hiring the wrong talent can be really costly for a small business; an expensive mistake. Utilize LinkedIn to get the right fit for your organization.


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